Click on the links below to learn more about the FREE German Language Learning resources available from the the Goethe Institut.

Practice German Goethe Institut USA 1

Practice German Goethe Institut USA 2

Practice German Goethe Institut USA 3

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Árbol ABC is a site that offers multiple resources in Spanish appropriate for elementary school level.  Some of these resources include: games, songs, riddles, stories, coloring sheets, etc. 

The site allows you to add the activities to your Google Classroom..


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COX Campus Resources for Families and Educators

COXCenter Website

COX Campus offers free resources for famlies and educators.  One of these resources is the "Hablemos, leamos, y juguemos para aprender" where families and educators can access activities and resources to support learning at home. 

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ClassScreenClassRoom Screen is an online presentation tool that offers the ability to presenters to set their own background, select random participants to respond/participate, share your class link via a QR code, use a whiteboard to interact with particpants via drawing, share messages through screen text, use a screen timer and stopwatch, show a screen clock and calendar among other tools.

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Magistrula LogoMagistrula is a website created by Anna Andresian, a middle and upper school educator.  She has applied her particular interest in active Latin pedagogy, curriculum design, and educational technology to create a site full of resources to students and teachers.  

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Radio Ambulante"Radio Ambulante es un podcast, distribuido por NPR, que cuenta historias latinoamericanas provenientes de todos los países de habla hispana, incluyendo Estados Unidos. Buscamos llevar la estética de la buena crónica de prensa escrita a la radio. Trabajamos con una talentosa comunidad de cronistas de radio en distintas partes del continente, aprovechando los avances tecnológicos para producir, distribuir, e intercambiar historias.

En 2014, Radio Ambulante ganó el premio de periodismo Gabriel García Márquez en la categoría de Innovación."

Source: Radio Ambulante, NPR

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ASLCORE is a discipline specific sign language vocabulary glossary created by National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology. ASLCORE helps clarify concepts when using ASL for specific content. Users can search concepts by content area or alphabetically. 


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Images provide a rich environment in the classroom and highly support language learning at all levels.  Working with images and creating the ideal visuals can take substaintial time if you do not have the right tools. LunaPic helps you manipulate images removing unwanted backgrounds, changing colors, and many more tools.

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These useful posters from Henry the Hand and other resoures promote handswashing habits and many of them are traslated into various languages making them "handy" for the language classroom.

You can download the resources in the following languages: 






Egypt- Arabic

 Thai  Nigerian
 Korean  Creole  Malay
 Tswana  Dutch  Romanian
 Français  Cambodian  Hindi
 Español  Filipino  Hungarian
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Book Creator

Book creator allows teachers to create their own books to share with students. It allows the incoporation of multimedia (images and sound). Teachers can also invite students and other teachers to collaborate in the creation of books. Once you or your students are done writing the book, you can download the digital books to your computer as epub books.


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 The milestones tracker from the CDC offers a free child development app in Spanish where parents can track various milestones of the develompent of their children.

The site also a couple of digital books families can use to practice the skills with kids. 

DÓNDE ESTÁ OSITO Soy Maravilloso 

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Latin Teacher Toolbox

Latin Teacher Toolbox is a compilation of various resources about the teaching and learning of the Latin language.

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ascii ñ

 Your computer does not have an accent, but it does have shortcuts to help you mark all the accents on various languages. If you do not remember all the codes as most of us, you can print a handy image of all of the most used codes HERE or visit the ASCII CODE page HERE

HERE  are the schortcuts for Mac users. 

ascii all

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The Georgia MEP has an extensive library of publications ranging from basic program information to supplemental services offered to migrant participants in the state. GaDOE invites districts and stakeholders to download their publications for free. Please keep in mind that hardcopy versions are not available for purchase but you may reproduce them at your own cost.

Source: GaDOE

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"Edpuzzle is an easy-to-use platform where you can make any video your lesson. One click and you can find video-lessons created by other teachers with formative assessment included! Another click and you can adjust that video by embedding your own questions or audio during the video. Final click, you assign it to your students and get beautiful hassle-free analytics: who watched the video, who didn't understand the lesson, and who did a good job. Students can re-watch the video as many times as they need, at their own pace. You can comfortably check their progress from your account." Source:

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