• JumpStart's Read for the record 2020

    Cobb County is excited to participate again this year in JumpStart's "Read for the Record".  If you are not aware of the initiative, Jumpstart’s Read for the Record brings together millions of adults and children around the world each year to read the same book on the same day in order to raise awareness about the critical importance of early literacy and access to high-quality books.  

    In support of literacy in multiple languages, our World Languages through our DLI school teams will be reading "Evelyn Del Rey Se Muda" to our students in our DLI Spanish program. 

    Click on the links below to learn more about the program and to access classroom and familiy resources in English and Spanish.

    Read for the Record Activities:

    Jumpstart actividades Read record 2020 web





  • Árbol ABC


    Árbol ABC is a site that offers multiple resources in Spanish appropriate for elementary school level.  Some of these resources include: games, songs, riddles, stories, coloring sheets, etc. 

    The site allows you to add the activities to your Google Classroom..


  • Colors practice - French

  • Magistrula - Latin Language Resources

    Magistrula LogoMagistrula is a website created by Anna Andresian, a middle and upper school educator.  She has applied her particular interest in active Latin pedagogy, curriculum design, and educational technology to create a site full of resources to students and teachers.  

  • Radio Ambulante - Podcast en Español

    Radio Ambulante"Radio Ambulante es un podcast, distribuido por NPR, que cuenta historias latinoamericanas provenientes de todos los países de habla hispana, incluyendo Estados Unidos. Buscamos llevar la estética de la buena crónica de prensa escrita a la radio. Trabajamos con una talentosa comunidad de cronistas de radio en distintas partes del continente, aprovechando los avances tecnológicos para producir, distribuir, e intercambiar historias.

    En 2014, Radio Ambulante ganó el premio de periodismo Gabriel García Márquez en la categoría de Innovación."

    Source: Radio Ambulante, NPR

  • ASL Core - Area Specific Vocabulary in Sign Language


    ASLCOREis a discipline specific sign language vocabulary glossary created by National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology. ASLCOREhelps clarify concepts when using ASL for specific content. Users can search concepts by content area or alphabetically. 

    ASLCORE areas

  • Milestones Tracker Resources - Spanish

     The milestones trackerfrom the CDC offers a free child development app in Spanish where parents can track various milestones of the develompent of their children.

    The site also a couple of digital books families can use to practice the skills with kids. 

    DÓNDE ESTÁ OSITO Soy Maravilloso



  • Free German Language Learning Resources - Goethe Institut

    Click on the links below to learn more about the FREE German Language Learning resources available from the the Goethe Institut.

    Practice German Goethe Institut USA 1

    Practice German Goethe Institut USA 2

    Practice German Goethe Institut USA 3





  • Latin Teacher Toolbox

    Latin Teacher Toolbox

    Latin Teacher Toolbox is a compilation of various resources about the teaching and learning of the Latin language.

  • PQR66 - Online Newspaper Front Pages

    PQR66Lets you explore the front page of various French Newspapers.

    PQR66 WEB66 MOB66 Article


  • The Fable Cottage



    The Fable Cottage: Enjoy well known children's stories in various languages (English, French, Spanish, and Italian). You can listen or read the story! Some of the titles are:

    • Jack and the Beanstalk
    • Cinderella
    • The three Billy Goats Gruff
    • Hansel and Gretel
  • Children's Books Forever

    CB header

    offers a sample of free books for kids is various languages accessible online. The languages available are: English, Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

  • Recorridos por la Literatura Hispana - Don Quijote


    "This textbook provides historical information, narrative techniques, lists of characters, themes and key words before they begin to read each chapter. While reading, vocabulary glossed in comprehensible Spanish appears in the margin opposite challenging words. Cultural references and proverbs from the work facilitate a deeper understanding. Each chapter contains checks for understanding and ends with activities to build vocabulary."

    Source: Español Abierto at University of Austin - Recorridos Project

  • Thematic Unit Layout - French



    Unit I

    Unit II

    Unit III

    Unit IV

    Unit V

    French I

    Introductions, meet/greet,
    Family, and Friends


    Clothing, Shopping, Food,
    Restaurant, Community

    Sport and Leisure




    Traveling, Transportation,
    Directions, City/Buildings

    Daily Routine, Responsibilities,
    Useful items, Daily Life

    Health, Body, Emergencies,
    Injury, Illness

    Celebrations, Entertainment




    Life Events, Family,
    Friendship, Relationships

    Community, Social Media,

    When I Grow Up


    The Arts


  • Thematic Unit Layout - Spanish



    Unit I

    Unit II

    Unit III

    Unit IV

    Unit V


    Spanish I

    Hola, ¿qué tal? - 1.1

    En la clase - 1.2

    La familia - 1.3

    Los pasatiempos - 1.4

    La comida - 1.8 (Vocabulary)

    Las relaciones personales - 3.1

    Spanish II

    Las vacaciones - 1.5

    ¡De compras! - 1.6
    La rutina diaria - 1.7

    La rutina diaria - 1.7

    La comida - 1.8

    Las fiestas - 1.9

    Las diversiones - 3.2 & La vida diaria -  3.3

    Spanish III

    En el consultorio - 2.1

    La tecnología - 2.2

    La vivienda - 2.3

    La naturaleza - 2.4


    En la ciudad - 2.5
    El bienestar - 2.6
    El mundo del trabajo - 2.7
    Un festival de arte - 2.8
    Las actualidades - 2.9

    Spanish VI

    Las relaciones personales & La vida diaria - (3.1 & 3.3)

    Las diversiones & Los viajes - (3.2 & 3.5)

    La naturaleza & La tecnología y la ciencia - (3.6 & 3.7)

    La economía y el trabajo - (3.8)

    - La salud y el bienestar & La literatura y el arte - (3.4 & 3.10)

    La cultura popular y los medios de comunicación - (3.9)


  • Easy Japanese - NHK World

     "Easy Japanese" is a program of Japanese language lessons produced by Japan's public broadcaster, NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN. You can learn basic grammar and useful expressions through lessons designed in audio-drama style. You can download audio and texts for the lessons free of charge.

    The lessons are offered in 17 languages."

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture - Course Information

    Cobb County AP Courses follow the course outline from College Board. Follow the links below to find detailed information and resources about the course.

  • AP Spanish Literature and Culture - Course Information

    Cobb County AP Courses follow the course outline from College Board. Follow the links below to find detailed information and resources about the course.

  • Fundeu - Asesor Lingüístico

     "La Fundación del Español Urgente —Fundéu BBVA— es una institución sin ánimo de lucro que tiene como principal objetivo impulsar el buen uso del español en los medios de comunicación. Nacida en el año 2005 fruto de un acuerdo entre la Agencia Efe y el banco BBVA, trabaja asesorada por la Real Academia Española.

    Mediante recomendaciones diarias y respuestas a las consultas que recibimos, pretendemos ser una herramienta que ayude a todos aquellos que utilizan el idioma en su actividad diaria en los medios de comunicación, las redes sociales, las nuevas plataformas digitales…"

    Fuente: www.Fundéu.es

  • A Bite of China - Season I

  • PBS - The Story of China

    The Story of China, written and presented by historian Michael Wood, explores the history of the world’s oldest continuous state, from the ancient past to the present day.

    Source: www.PBS.org

  • Smithsonian Teacher tools

    SmithsonianTweenTribuneFree SmithsonianTeacher tools to use in the classrooms.

    • Daily AP news articles
    • Lexile® leveled for K-12
    • Self-scoring quizzes customized by Lexile® level
    • Critical thinking questions
    • Student commenting
    • Espanol AP articles
    • Weekly lesson plans
    • Weekly video
    • Weekend "Monday Morning Ready" newsletter as prep for the week ahead
  • DocuTube

    DocutubeDocuTubees una biblioteca gratis en linea de videos, documentales, y peliculas gratis. La biblioteca contiene videos en las areas de Ciencia y Tecnología, Deportes, Historia, Música, Naturaleza y Animales, y otros.

  • A Beginner's Guide for Transitioning into Colloquial Arabic

    Coloquial Arabic

    A Beginner's Guide for Transitioning into Colloquial Arabic "This book is for students who have studied Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for one year or more and would like to learn colloquial Arabic basics using their knowledge of MSA. It aims at transitioning learners from Novice Mid level to Intermediate Low through presenting situations useful for living in an Arab country. The book has several features including hyperlinks, practice dialogues with open answers, cultural tips, and more.

    Please see the Open Textbook Library for faculty Reviews of this textbook"

    Gomaa, Lina, "From MSA to CA: A Beginner's Guide for Transitioning into Colloquial Arabic" (2015). PDXOpen. 8. 

  • Arabic Online

     Arabic world map

    The Arabic curriculum on this site was developed by LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) Arabic Team through the QFI (Qatar Foundation International) curriculum grant awarded 2012-2013. The curriculum included twelve units (6 units for Arabic level 1, and 6 units for Arabic Level 2). The project aimed at creating a hybrid module that compliments and supplements face to face instructions in LAUSD's schools. The course was built using Moodle (a Course/ Learning Management System) creating an effective online learning forum that LAUSD's teachers can use to expand on students skills and knowledge beyond school hours. 

    Source: http://www.arabic-socal.com/ORT/  Developed by: Nada Shaath Mohcine Zaidi