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 Domain  Level
 CCSD WL Speaking IH 100px  CCSD WL Speaking WL Proficiency IH 



I can make presentations in a generally organized way on school, work, and community topics, and on topics I have researched. I can make presentations on some events and experiences in various time frames.


I can present information on academic and work topics.

·  I can present ideas about something I have learned, such as a historical event, a famous person, or a current environmental issue.

·  I can explain a series of steps needed to complete a task or experiment.

·  I can explain to someone who was absent what took place in class or on the job.

·  I can present my qualifications and goals for an academic program, training, or job.

 I can make a presentation on events, activities, and topics of particular interest.

·  I can present on something I learned from the media.

·  I can make a presentation about an interesting person.

·  I can summarize a personal, historical, or cultural event.

·  I can give a presentation about my interests, hobbies, lifestyle, or preferred activities.

·  I can make a presentation about the history or current status, of a school, organization, or company.

·  I can make a presentation about future plans.

 I can present my point of view and provide reasons to support it.

·  I can make a presentation on rules or policies such as cell phone use, dress code, or requirements for     driving and explain my viewpoint.

·  I can share and justify my opinion on common issues such as allowances for children, curfews for  teenagers, budget-related topics, etc.

·  I can explain my point of view on current event topics such as recycling, nutrition.

·  I can explain my point of view on current event topics such as recycling, nutrition and exercise, the food supply, conserving energy resources, extreme weather events, etc



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