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I can present information on most familiar topics using a series of simple sentences.

I can talk about people, activities, events, and experiences.

·  I can describe the physical appearance of a friend or family member.

·  I can describe another person’s personality.

·  I can describe a school or workplace.

·  I can describe a famous place.

·  I can describe a place I have visited or want to visit.

·  I can present my ideas about something I have learned.


I can express my needs and wants.

·  I can describe what I need for school or work.

·  I can talk about what I want or need to do each day.


I can present information on plans, instructions, and directions.

·  I can explain the rules of a game.

·  I can give multi-step instructions for preparing a recipe.

·  I can describe what my plans are for the weekend.

·  I can describe what my summer plans are.

·  I can describe holiday or vacation plans.

·  I can describe what is needed for a holiday or a celebration.

·  I can describe what I plan to do next in my life.

I can present songs, short skits, or dramatic readings.

·  I can retell a children’s story.

·  I can present a proverb, poem, or nursery rhyme.

·  I can participate in a performance of a skit or a scene from a play.


I can express my preferences on topics of interest.

·  I can give a presentation about a movie or television show that I like.

·  I can give a presentation about a famous athlete, celebrity, or historical figure.

·  I can express my thoughts about a current event I have

·  learned about or researched


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