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 Domain  Level
 CCSD WL Speaking NH 100px  CCSD WL Speaking WL Proficiency NL 



I can present information about myself and some other very familiar topics using single words or memorized phrases.

I can recite words and phrases that I have learned.

·  I can count from 1-10.

·  I can say the date and the day of the week.

·  I can list the months and seasons


I can state the names of familiar people, places, and objects in pictures and posters using words or memorized phrases.

·  I can name famous landmarks and people.

·  I can name countries on a map.

·  I can list items I see every day.


I can introduce myself to a group.

·  I can state my name, age, and where I live.

·  I can give my phone number, home address, and email address.


I can recite short memorized phrases, parts of poems, and rhymes.

·  I can sing a short song.

·  I can recite a nursery rhyme.

·  I can recite a simple poem


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