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 Domain  Level
 CCSD WL Speaking  CCSD WL Modes Interpersonal WL Proficiency IH 



 I can participate with ease and confidence in conversations on familiar topics. I can usually talk about events and experiences in various time frames. I can usually describe people, places, and things. I can handle social interactions in everyday situations, sometimes even when there is an unexpected complication.

I can exchange information related to areas of mutual interest.

·  I can ask for and provide information about specific events.

·  I can ask for and provide information about a hobby or lifestyle, such as bicycling, vegetarianism, video games, or sports.

·  I can ask for and provide descriptions of places I know and also places I would like to visit.

·  I can talk about my family history.

·  I can talk about jobs and career plans.

 I can use my language to do a task that requires multiple steps.

·  I can give the basic rules of a game or sport and answer questions about them.

·  I can ask for, follow, and give instructions for preparing food.

·  I can ask for and follow directions to get from one place to another.

·  I can tell someone how to access information online.

·  I can explain basic rules, policies, or laws that affect us and answer questions about them.

 I can use my language to handle a situation that may have a complication.

·  I can arrange for a make-up exam or reschedule an appointment.

·  I can return an item I have purchased to a store.

·  I can plan an outing with a group of friends.


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