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 Domain  Level
 CCSD WL Speaking  CCSD WL Modes Interpersonal WL Proficiency IM 



 I can participate in conversations on familiar topics using sentences and series of sentences. I can handle short social interactions in everyday situations by asking and answering a variety of questions. I can usually say what I want to say about myself and my

I can start, maintain, and end a conversation on a variety of familiar topics.

·  I can be the first to start a conversation.

·  I can ask for information, details, and explanations during a conversation.

·  I can bring a conversation to a close.

·  I can interview someone for a project or a publication.

I can talk about my daily activities and personal preferences.

·  I can talk about my daily routine.

·  I can talk about my interests and hobbies.

·  I can give reasons for my preferences.

·  I can give some information about activities I did.

·  I can give some information about something I plan to do.

·  I can talk about my favorite music, movies, and sports.

I can use my language to handle tasks related to my personal needs.

·  I can request services, such as repair for a phone, computer, or car.

·  I can schedule an appointment.

·  I can inquire about membership in an organization or club.

I can exchange information about subjects of special interest to me.

·  I can talk about artists from other countries.

·  I can talk about historical events.

·  I can talk about a mathematics, technology, or science project.

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