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 Domain  Level
 CCSD WL Speaking  CCSD WL Modes Interpersonal WL Proficiency NH 



I can communicate and exchange information about familiar topics using phrases and simple sentences, sometimes supported by memorized language.

I can usually handle short social interactions in everyday situations by asking and answering simple questions.

I can exchange some personal information.

· I can ask and say a home address and e-mail address.

· I can ask and say someone’s nationality.

· I can ask and talk about family members and their characteristics.

· I can ask and talk about friends, classmates, teachers, or co-workers.

 I can exchange information using texts, graphs, or pictures.

· I can ask about and identify familiar things in a picture from a story.

· I can ask about and identify important information about the weather using a map.

· I can ask and respond to simple questions about dates, times, places, and events on schedules, posters, and tickets.

· I can respond to simple questions based on graphs or visuals that provide information containing numbers or statistics.

I can ask for and give simple directions.

· I can ask for directions to a place.

· I can tell someone how to get from one place to another, such as go straight, turn left, or turn right.

· I can tell someone where something is located, such as next to, across from, or in the middle of.

I can make plans with others.

· I can accept or reject an invitation to do something or go somewhere.

· I can invite and make plans with someone to do something or go somewhere.

· I can exchange information about where to go, such as to the store, the movie theatre, a concert, a restaurant, the lab, or when to meet.

I can interact with others in everyday situations.

· I can order a meal.

· I can make a purchase.

· I can buy a ticket.

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