"NCSSFL is an organization of education agency personnel from all states of the United States who have the responsibility of foreign/world language education at the state level.

Click here for information about specific duties and responsibilities of a state supervisor for languages.

The mission of NCSSFL is to provide leadership in facilitating and promoting policies and practices that support language education.

The purpose of NCSSFL is to affect state and national policy and practice in language education by:

  • identifying and advocating positions on key issues in support of the vision of the organization;
  • collaborating with other organizations to advance and support quality teaching, learning and leadership;
  • communicating best practices across international boundaries; and
  • fostering and promoting the establishment, maintenance, and effectiveness of state-level positions in languages.

Click here for a report of the 1960 Foggy Bottom Conference, a meeting that resulted in the creation of NCSSFL."

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