Congratulations to Mrs. Susan Thayer, Cobb Board of Education Chair receipient of the Foreign Language Association of Georgia 2016 President's Award for her support of dual language immersion! 

"Susan Thayer began her term on the Cobb County Board of Education in January, 2015. In January 2016, the Board elected her to serve as Chair. Her career in public education spans over thirty years and includes twenty-three years of administrative experience at the local school and central administration levels. She has served in three large Atlanta area school systems, and some of the positions held are teacher, guidance counselor at Osborne High School and principal of Pebblebrook High School. Other positions include Director of Leadership Development and Executive Director of High Schools with Cobb County School System and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum K-12 with the Douglas County School System. Mrs. Thayer is a supporter dual language immersion programs. Shortly after her election to the Cobb County Board of Education, she asked district leadership to present information on dual language immersion to the Board and later to elementary principals. FLAG Awards 2016At that time, no schools in Cobb had dual language immersion programs, but many parents had shown interest in this program. Mrs. Thayer had read research about dual language immersion and had attended presentations on immersion, and she knew that immersion programs would be beneficial to many Cobb schools. Due to Mrs. Thayer’s initiative of having immersion information presented to the Board and to principals. Cobb now has two dual language immersion programs and will add at least one additional program in the 2016-2017 school year." FLAG Conference award announcement, Augusta, Georgia - March 5,2016.

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