AidaFlores CHSCongratulations to our very own Mrs. Aida Flores-Ortega, Spanish teacher at Campbell High School receipient of this year's Foreign Language Association of Georgia Teacher of Year Award. Mrs. Below are few words Flores-Ortega shared with our colleagues at the FLAG Conference:

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"After 20 years teaching Spanish, I still feel like a new student. There is so much to learn and the desire to be a productive member of our global society with the genuine desire to improve others life is a true passion. My adoptive grandmother, DoñaMiña taught me to live by the Golden Rule; "One should treat others as one would like other treat oneself." 

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The Golden Rule is at the core of any language acquisition program. Respect is the main value that we try to instill in our students. This rule plants the ideal of becoming a better citizen by learning about others and in the process learning about oneself. No longer does the Foreign Language Teacher have to practice her craft in isolation. The FL Teacher now has the opportunity to explore, with other colleagues and students, the presence and influences of other cultures in our country and to foster a desire for community service. We have the opportunity to integrate and analyze how our participation as citizens of the world is a product of our cultural konwledge and engagement. When students understand that FL is a powerful tool that give them access to more information and opens the possibility to more rewarding relationships and careers, the students become invested in theirs own progress."


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