EasyJapanese YouTube webThis Playlist is part of the Easy Languages channel on You tube that presents language usage in context.

Click here to see all the videos on the Easy Japanese Playlist.

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AATGThe American Association of Teachers of German supports the teaching of the German language and German-speaking cultures in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education in the United States. The AATG promotes the study of the German-speaking world in all its linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity, and endeavors to prepare students as transnational, transcultural learners and active, multilingual participants in a globalized world.

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LangMedia German Germany

German in Germany Index

"LangMedia has a special mission to provide materials in languages less-commonly offered by colleges and universities in the United States. The site also has a commitment to providing authentic materials depicting differences in regional dialects and language-usage among speakers of the more commonly taught languages worldwide."

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EasyGerman YouTube webThis Playlist is part of the Easy Languages channel on You tube that presents language usage in context.

Click here to see all the videos on the Easy German Playlist.

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Click here to access the Grammar reference index at the University of Texas at Austin. It provides written and examples with pronuntiation for each topic.

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Tennessee Bobs Famous French Links


Click here to access various links from the Modern Foreign Languages Department at the University of Tennessee - Martin

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Roger DuflairPolar FLE: Learn French while enjoying the adventures of detective Roger Duflair.

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AuCoinDuFrancais web The French Corner is a teacher's Blog created by Samantha Decker, a French teacher in upstate New York. The blog includes resources, strategies and lessons the teacher uses in her classroom.

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AATF "The AATF is the only professional association devoted exclusively to the needs of French teachers at all levels. The mission of the AATF is to advance the study of the French language and French-speaking literatures and cultures both in schools and in the general public. Membership is open to anyone interested in the teaching of French who is over the age of 18."

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EasyFrench YouTube webThis Playlist is part of the Easy Languages channel on You tube that presents language usage in context.

Click here to see all the videos on the Easy French Playlist.

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podcast francais facile

The www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com website offers you several courses of study:

DIALOGUE : Listening to situations regarding communication in everyday life.

PHONETICS: [PHONÉTIQUE] Phonetic exercises and working on your pronunciation.

CULTURE: Listening to passages often accompanied by educational material. The passages are read slowly and at normal speed.

PLACES: [LIEUX] Listening to passages about a town or region related to France and the French-speaking world.

GRAMMAR: [GRAMMAIRE] Grammar exercises. It’s often possible to print an activity so you can handwrite it.

TRANSCRIPTION: [DICTÉES] Taking down dictation like in class! Thus, there’s no need to pause.

NUMBERS: [NOMBRES] Learning or brushing up on numbers.

SLANG : [FRANÇAIS FAMILIER] knowing some tricks for expressing oneself using French slang.

STORIES: [CONTES] Listening to stories. Each story has been adapted to simple French, sometimes twice. Thus, it is possible to listen to two versions of certain stories, each of its own respective level.

FRANCOPHONES TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES: [PARLER DE SOI] This category offers two sorts of document. You can find videos of French speakers asked to present themselves. You can also listen to the texts of these presentations read slowly or at normal speed.

VERBS & CONJUGATION : [VERBES] listening, repeating, and memorizing French conjugation.

VIDÉO: Watching and reading the scripts of different types of videos (news, advertisements, performances, songs).

VOCABULARY: [VOCABULAIRE] Reinforcing vocabulary using a specific theme (animals, work, public transportation, etc.).

BEGINNERS: [DÉBUTANT] Listening and repeating basic phrases and vocabulary.

PODCAST: See the latest podcast published, or you can subscribe (free).


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Online TextbookThis four part open access textbook is part of the MIT Supplemental Resource Library. See the description below from the MIT page:

This online textbook represents materials that were used in the first four semesters (two years) of the Mandarin program at MIT. They eventually formed the basis of a print textbook of the same name, published by Yale University Press; information and supplemental materials for the Yale edition are available at the companion website. The OCW course materials were extensively revised, and at times reordered, before publication, but the general principles of the original remain: to provide a comprehensive resource for the foundation levels of Chinese language that separates the learning of oral skills from literary (the former being transcribed in pinyin, and the latter in characters). This resource contains the complete online version of the text and accompanying audio recordings.

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"While Chinese language instruction has long been a part of the American education system, it has mainly been confined to the university and post undergraduate levels as part of special fields such as literature or history. It is only in the past two decades that instruction of Chinese has been extended to high schools, junior high schools, and even elementary schools. CLASS was one of the principal organizations involved in the development of the national standards for foreign language learning. CLASS bears a primary responsibility to nurture and in-service K-12 Chinese teachers.CLASS continues to forge collaborations and form new partnerships with other professional organizations."

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CLTA "The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA (CLTA) promotes the study of Chinese language and culture in an international context. Given the importance of the Chinese speaking world and its global cultural, social, economic, and political impact, our mission is to promote the Chinese language as a tool for communication worldwide. As a professional organization, CLTA represents Chinese language teachers in all educational settings. It supports establishing and sustaining quality Chinese programs, K-16 articulation, teacher education and professional development, and research relating to all aspects of teaching and learning about Chinese languages and cultures. The Association is committed to providing leadership, scholarship, and service to its members and to all sectors of society."

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GPB Chinese Tea

“Chinese Tea: Elixir of the Orient” takes viewers to China to explore how tea became an integral part in forming the country’s culture as well as being thought of as its signature drink.


Es GPB Original and other producnjoy thitions at: http://www.gpb.org/

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