Instructional Strategies

Resources supporting the implementation of language development instructional strategies

This recording form is designed to accompany the Classroom Observation Protocol for the Project GLADⓇ Study from Education Northwest.

The GO TO Strategies Project is an outcome of the Project EXCELL professional development delivered to the NKCS teachers. It was designed to be used as a resource by general education teachers of English language learners (ELLs), ELL teachers, special education teachers, principals, and other supervisors overseeing the instruction of diverse groups of students in North Kansas City Schools and elsewhere.


Comparison between the components and features of the GLAD and SIOP models.


G.L.A.D. Strategy descriptions are from the Pasco School District’s G.L.A.D. Website.
Strategy photos taken of Main Street Elementary Teachers class work and from the 5-Day and 2-Day G.L.A.D. trainings.

GLAD Resource Book

One more resource with information on each of the strategies that are part of the GLAD Model.


Classroom Observation Protocol for the GLAD Instructional Strategies Model.


GLAD Observation Protocol
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